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How to Grow Your Business with Remote Employees

Table of Contents Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees Remote Work Options Interviewing Remote Employees Integrating Remote Employees into Company Culture Communicating & Collaborating with Remote Employees Managing & Motivating Remote Employees How Companies Feel About Remote Work Transitioning an Onsite…

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Business Contingency Planning for Emergencies

Table of Contents What is a Contingency Plan? Why You Need a Contingency Plan How Do You Create a Business Contingency Plan? Brainstorm “What If” Scenarios Reducing Risk Factor Timing into the Plan Emergency Financing or Fund Disaster Insurance Plans…

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Financing an Auto Repair Business – Know Your Options

Table of Contents Purchasing Equipment Supplies & Inventory Working Capital Marketing & Advertising Business Remodeling or Expansion No-Credit-Check Business Financing How to Choose a Lender Final Thoughts – Financing an Auto Repair Business   If you own an auto repair…

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Use Email Marketing to Connect with Your Customers 

Table of Contents Contact Lists Building a Contact List Email Content Email Design Sending & Deliverability of Emails Email Analytics Final Thoughts – Use Email Marketing to Connect with Your Customers   If you don’t already see the value in…

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Market Segmentation: Don’t Advertise Without It

Table of Contents What is Market Segmentation? Why is Market Segmentation Important? When to Segment Your Market Types of Market Segmentation  Market Segmentation the Coca-Cola Way How Should You Segment Your Audience? How to Develop Buyer Personas  How to Use…

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Customer Relationship Management:  Creating Win-Wins

Table of Contents What is Customer Relationship Management? Understanding Customer Relationship Management  Types of CRM Technology  Acing the Customer Satisfaction Game Why Do Customers Leave a Company? Get Customers to Stay With You by Showing You Care   For Costco, Satisfied…

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Buying & Financing Construction Equipment:  The Consummate Guide

Table of Contents Heavy-Duty Equipment Before Buying Construction Equipment Benefits of Construction Equipment Telematics Options for Buying Construction Equipment Pros of Buying New Construction Equipment Cons of Buying New Construction Equipment Pros of Buying Used Construction Equipment Cons of Buying…

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The Results are In: Texas is The Best Place to Start a Business in 2020

Starting and running a small business is no easy feat. On the road to success, entrepreneurs will be faced with many challenges – no matter how long they’ve been in business. From trying to keep up with or surpass their…

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