There are over 1 million restaurants employing an estimated 15.3 million restaurant workers in the US. The restaurant industry’s projected sales in 2019 are around $863 billion. However, restaurant failure is also common, with around 60% of new restaurants closing within the first year and nearly 80% closing before 5 years. Restaurants can go through their highs and lows, with some seasons with overflowing tables and others where business can be slow. In slower times, restaurants will still have to cover costs such as:

Building renovations
Food expenses and inventory
Kitchen equipment
Licenses and liability

Restaurant expenses can be overwhelming without the right help. Opportunity Business Loans can help you find the best deal when it comes to financing your restaurant. Secure your loan without the hassle of visiting multiple banks and lenders. With just one quick application, you can get connected to a large network of lenders who can provide you with the funding you need to successfully grow and operate your restaurant.

The restaurant loans that Opportunity Business Loans offers:

Bakery Business Loans

Bakery Business Loans Are you the owner of a bakery and seek capital to help boost your business’s profitability? Are you looking to open a brand new bakery but need some financing to help get it up and running? Now...

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Café Business Loans

Cafe Business Loan It takes a lot of work and capital to open and run a coffee shop. Most cafes use a business loan to help their day-to-day procedures run smoothly in order to continue increasing sales and profits. If...

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Bar and Tavern Financing

Bar and Tavern Financing At Opportunity Business Loans, we have helped thousands of bars and taverns boost profits and drive results. Restaurant owners can turn to us to keep their businesses profitable and moving forward in the future. Our team...

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Catering Business Loans

Catering Business Loans Opportunity Business Loans is dedicated to getting our customers the funding they need as quickly and easily as possible so that they can take their catering company to the next level. Our team of personal financial consultants...

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Gourmet Food Store Loans

Opportunity Business Loans has a team of professional financial consultants that can help you get the financing you need to take your gourmet food store business to the next level. Our team has years of experience helping gourmet food store...

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Mall Food Outlets Financing

Opportunity Business Loans offers a variety of solutions for mall food outlets in need of additional capital. Our retail shopping center loans can help take your mall food outlet to the next level. Our team of lenders has decades of...

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Multi-Unit Restaurant Financing

It is wise to find a lender with years of restaurant lending experience, in-depth knowledge of industry best practices and trends, and an understanding of unique issues and opportunities in the multi-unit restaurant industry. Our team of financing experts offers...

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Single-Unit Restaurant Financing

Single-Unit Restaurant Financing Running a restaurant is a very challenging task between managing staff, maintaining inventory, and keeping your customers happy. In order to stay profitable, it is required that you have sufficient capital to repair equipment when needed or...

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Specialty Food Shop Loans

Specialty Food Shop Loan Starting or growing a specialty food shop takes a lot of effort and capital to become successful and stay profitable. With Opportunity Business Loans, we will help you grow your small business through our convenient loan...

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Food Truck Business

Food Truck Financing Food trucks are an excellent way for people to get started in the restaurant industry. With low startup costs, this is the perfect solution for people who want to own a restaurant but don’t want to take...

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