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Business Forecasting: Making it Work for Your Business

What is Business Forecasting? The Difference Between a Business Forecast and a Budget The Importance of a Business Forecast Conducting the Business Forecast Business Forecasting Methods The Forecasting Process Business Forecasting Data Sources The Best Business Forecasting Tools Why You…

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Starting a Construction Contractor Business the Right Way

Table of Contents Reasons Why Construction Businesses Fail Preliminary Research Writing Your Business Plan Naming Your Construction Business Getting Federal & State Tax ID Numbers Opening a Business Bank Account Managing Finances Obtaining Required Licenses & Permits Obtaining Surety Bonds…

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Keeping Employees Safe in the Workplace:  A Win-Win

Table of Contents Components of an Effective Safety Program Most Frequently Cited OSHA Violations Preventing the Most Common Workplace Injuries Protect Employees from Outside Threats What to Do If Your Employee is Injured Final Thoughts      As an employer,…

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Is Black Friday Good for Business? The Jury is Still Out

Table of Contents The History of Black Friday How Black Friday Affects Stocks Black Friday in Recent Years Is Black Friday Good For Retailers? Small Businesses Don’t Rely on Black Friday Final Thoughts   For decades, Black Friday, the day…

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It’s a Great Time to Start an Ecommerce Business:  Here’s How

Table of Contents What is an Ecommerce Business? Operating Your Ecommerce Business Legally Business Plan for Your Ecommerce Business Key Components of an Ecommerce Business Plan Small Business Ecommerce Platforms Ecommerce SEO Final Thoughts            According to…

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Infographic: 5 Best and Worst Places To Run A Business

Editor’s Note: Article and infographics are based on “The 10 Best and Worst Places in the U.S. to Run a Small Business” It’s no secret startups and businesses have a high failure rate. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor…

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Business Bankruptcy: Is It Right for Your Small Business?

When Should a Business File for Bankruptcy? What is Business Bankruptcy? Legal Structure Affects Bankruptcy Type  Bankruptcy Chapters Commonly Filed by Businesses Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  How the Bankruptcy Process Works How is Credit Affected…

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Start a Business from Home: Everything You Need to Know

Myths & Realities of Entrepreneurship Come Up With a Business Idea Who Will You Sell To?  Research Your Competition Test Your Idea Making it Legal Open a Business Bank Account Funding Your Business Create a Marketing Plan Set Up Your…

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The Best Ways to Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

Table of Contents Business Lawsuits You May Face Which Court Handles Business Lawsuits? Protect Your Business from Lawsuits Choose the Right Business Structure Get the Right Kind of Insurance What to Do if Your Business is Sued Final Thoughts  …

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