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Getting Business Licenses & Protecting Intellectual Property

Table of Contents What Licenses or Permits Do I Need? Protecting Your Intellectual Property Copyright Trademark Patent Final Thoughts   If you’ve been following our Guide to Launching Your Business series, let’s see what you’ve accomplished thus far. You’ve written…

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A Quick Overview on Surety Bonds

Table of Contents What is a Surety Bond? Who Needs Surety Bonds? Reasons to Consider Surety Bonds How Surety Bonds Work  Types of Surety Bonds Surety Bonds Costs What to Consider When Purchasing Surety Bonds Final Thoughts   We all…

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Federal Tax ID & State Tax ID: What You Should Know

Table of Contents Who Needs a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN)? Other Reasons for Getting an EIN How to Apply for a Federal Tax ID Number (EIN) Replacing an EIN State Tax ID Number Who Needs a State Tax ID…

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What Is Invoice Factoring?

Table of Contents How Invoice Factoring Works Who Is Invoice Factoring For? Invoice Factoring Rates And Fees Invoice Factoring Requirements How Invoice Factoring Affects Your Customers Choosing A Factor Invoice Factoring Vs. Invoice Financing As a business owner, finding financing…

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Choosing a Business Structure & Business Name

  Table of Contents The 5 Types of Business Structures Sole Proprietorship Partnership Corporation S Corporation Limited Liability Company Choosing a Business Name Registering Your Business Name Registering Your Business Structure Final Thoughts         When you have…

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Writing a Business Plan is Just Good Business

Table of Contents The Importance of a Business Plan Why Small Businesses Fail Purpose Determines Business Plan Format Key Components of a Business Plan Final Thoughts   After enthusiastically sharing your product idea with loved ones, they give it the…

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Small Business Insurance: 8 Essential Types of Coverage

Table of Contents What Is Small Business Insurance? All Small Business Owners Need Business Insurance Most Common Types of Small Business Insurance Captive Insurance: Alternative to Commercial Insurance Marketplace Selecting a Small Business Insurance Carrier Getting Business Insurance Quotes Final…

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11 Perks Offered by the Most Successful Companies

Table of Contents Who’s Winning the Employee Satisfaction Game? Which Fringe Benefits are Non-Taxable? Fringe Benefits (Perks) Offered By 2019 Best Employers The Best Perks to Offer Your Employees Final Thoughts   For the last six months, the U.S. unemployment…

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Puerto Rico:  The Ultimate Tax Haven

Table of Contents Puerto Rico’s Backstory Tax Incentives for Incoming Businesses & Investors Act 20 – Act to Promote the Export of Services Act 22 – Act to Promote the Relocation of Investors to Puerto Rico What’s the Outlook for…

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