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Our team of financial consultants specializes in lending to the insurance industry. Whether you are an agency or a brokerage, we are here to help get you the capital you need to take your business to the next level. We will customize a loan around your individual wants and needs to create a payment plan that is as convenient and comfortable as possible.

When you choose Opportunity Business Loans as your trusted lender, you will get sufficient capital to boost profits and drive growth. Our application and approval process is super simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. Once complete, you will receive the money within 24 hours. We offer low payments and flexible terms so that you can be comfortable with your loan.

Types of Loans

We offer multiple different loans that are designed for different situations that you might be going through. Whether you need a quick, lump-sum amount or are in need of continual flexibility in your cash flow, we can help. Below are the insurance agency loans that we offer. These loans can help boost profits and ensure long-term success in your business.

Startup Business Loans

A startup business loan is designed for opening your first insurance agency. There will be a lot of expenses for starting your first business. Between hiring staff and purchasing equipment, we will cover all startup costs to get your business up and running in no time.

Business Line of Credit

A business line of credit is perfect for increased flexibility with your insurance agency’s cash flow. This is like a large credit card that gives you access to excess cash whenever you need it. You only pay interest on amounts drawn, and you can draw at any time.

SBA Loans

SBA Loans are perfect for small businesses in need of funding. If you are a small independent insurance agency, we can help get you the funding you need through an SBA loan. The Small Business Administration partially guarantees amounts on these loans. This allows us to provide you with even lower payments and more flexible terms.

Equipment Financing

There is a lot of equipment that goes into owning and operating an insurance agency. If you want to purchase or repair any equipment, you can use equipment financing. This loan will provide you with a lump sum amount needed to cover any equipment costs.

Using Your Funding

There are multiple ways in which you can use our funding for your business. Below are the most common ways our customers use our lending for their insurance agencies. Whether you are starting your first agency or are wanting to expand to a second location, we are here to provide sufficient funds to reach your goals.

Marketing and Advertising
The insurance agency is competitive. It is important to advertise your business to get more customers. This can get expensive but could yield outstanding results if done right.
Expanding To A New Location
If you are looking to expand your business by opening a second location, we can help cover all of your costs.
Hiring New Staff
Part of growing your business is hiring more staff. The new staff comes with new payroll. You can finance this expansion until your cash flow frees up in the future.
Opening First Agency
If you are opening your first insurance agency and need help covering startup costs, we can help. We will provide you the sufficient capital you need to overcome any expenses that go into opening your first business.

Advantages of Our Loans

Our insurance agency loans come with multiple benefits that give you a competitive edge over the competition. The insurance industry can be very competitive. To overcome the competition, you will need sufficient capital through a reliable loan that doesn't weigh you down. When you get approved for one of our loans, you will receive:

Low interest rates
Custom payment plans
Flexible loan terms
No prepayment penalties
No hidden fees
Waived interest on early payoffs
Same-day funding
24/7 Customer service
Advanced encryption for maximum security

Valuable Partnerships For Flexible Customization

When you get a loan through Opportunity Business Loans, you can know that you are getting a loan that offers the most flexible terms and lowest payments around. Each loan is customized specifically to each of our clients. We have the flexibility to provide this extent of customization due to the partnerships that we have secured with some of the top lenders across the nation.

When you apply for a loan, we will work with these lenders to secure the funds you need. Then, we customize the loan to fit your specific situation. This results in a loan that puts you first to ensure maximum convenience for you. This allows you to focus more on running your insurance agency and less on your loan payments.

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Start by filling out our fast application where you can tell us about you and your business. With just one simple application, you'll have access to over a hundred different lenders.

Step 2: Match with the best lender

After submitting your application, our advisors will evaluate your business profile and match you with lenders who can offer the best financing for your business.

Step 3: Select and receive the best financing

Review all your different financing opportunities with an advisor at hand. With so many opportunities at your door, you’ll find the best one to meet all your business needs.

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Suppose you are the owner of an insurance agency and your business needs extra capital to overcome unexpected expenses or expand to another location. In that case, our loans are perfect for you. Give us a call or fill out our online application form today to get the funding you need in under 24 hours. We will tailor the loan to fit your needs to be as comfortable with your loan as possible.

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