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Business Bankruptcy: Is It Right for Your Small Business?

When Should a Business File for Bankruptcy? What is Business Bankruptcy? Legal Structure Affects Bankruptcy Type  Bankruptcy Chapters Commonly Filed by Businesses Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Bankruptcy  How the Bankruptcy Process Works How is Credit Affected…

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Start a Business from Home: Everything You Need to Know

Myths & Realities of Entrepreneurship Come Up With a Business Idea Who Will You Sell To?  Research Your Competition Test Your Idea Making it Legal Open a Business Bank Account Funding Your Business Create a Marketing Plan Set Up Your…

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The Best Ways to Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

Table of Contents Business Lawsuits You May Face Which Court Handles Business Lawsuits? Protect Your Business from Lawsuits Choose the Right Business Structure Get the Right Kind of Insurance What to Do if Your Business is Sued Final Thoughts  …

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