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How to Determine Employee Pay Rates & Raises for Maximum Productivity

Table of Contents Factors That Determine Pay Rates Non-Monetary Forms of Compensation Reasons to Give Employees Raises Impact of Employee Performance on Pay Raises Do Employers Have to Give Raises? What’s Considered a Good Pay Raise? Final Thoughts – How…

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What Is Invoice Factoring?

Table of Contents How Invoice Factoring Works Who Is Invoice Factoring For? Invoice Factoring Rates And Fees Invoice Factoring Requirements How Invoice Factoring Affects Your Customers Choosing A Factor Invoice Factoring Vs. Invoice Financing As a business owner, finding financing…

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1099 Contractor vs. W-2 Employee: Which is Best for Your Business?

Table of Contents 1099 vs. W-2: What’s the Difference? The Independent Contractor Litmus Test Which is Best For Your Business? Another Staffing Option: Temporary Agency Final Thoughts   Your business is growing in leaps and bounds and you’ve come to…

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The Essential Guide to Payroll Taxes for Employers

New business owners are often intimidated and confused by payroll taxes. When you start off in your first year, discovering how to do payroll may be a stress-inducing experience. Not only do you have to know which types of funds…

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