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Overt Discrimination: What is it and how do you handle with it?

Table of Contents Overt discrimination in the workplace Overt discrimination in lending What to do when you are faced with overt discrimination What are the other types of discrimination? Disparate Treatment Disparate Impact Tips for preventing discrimination in your business…

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How to Legally Terminate an Employee

Table of Contents Reasons to Fire Someone Things You Should Never Do  Can a Fired Employee Collect Unemployment? Avoid a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Illegal Reasons for Termination Final Thoughts – How to Legally Terminate an Employee   Firing an employee…

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Keeping Employees Safe in the Workplace:  A Win-Win

Table of Contents Components of an Effective Safety Program Most Frequently Cited OSHA Violations Preventing the Most Common Workplace Injuries Protect Employees from Outside Threats What to Do If Your Employee is Injured Final Thoughts      As an employer,…

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The Best Ways to Protect Your Business from Lawsuits

Table of Contents Business Lawsuits You May Face Which Court Handles Business Lawsuits? Protect Your Business from Lawsuits Choose the Right Business Structure Get the Right Kind of Insurance What to Do if Your Business is Sued Final Thoughts  …

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Getting Business Licenses & Protecting Intellectual Property

Table of Contents What Licenses or Permits Do I Need? Protecting Your Intellectual Property Copyright Trademark Patent Final Thoughts   If you’ve been following our Guide to Launching Your Business series, let’s see what you’ve accomplished thus far. You’ve written…

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