2020 Vision for the Future Scholarship

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2020 Scholarship Essay Prompt


What does it mean to have a vision for the future? Business leaders and owners all need a vision for their company to ensure future success. Without a clear vision, an organization can get shipwrecked by the endless sea of distractions, competition, and murky production processes. However, when a business is driven by purpose and passion, it can thrive and go beyond imagined limits.

Every year, Opportunity Business Loans runs an essay-writing scholarship program challenging current business students who desire to own their own business in the future. The scholarship program awards (1) one scholarship applicant a (1) $500 prize to cover their tuition costs in school for the following school semester or quarter. To apply for the scholarship, please answer the prompt below in an 800-850 word essay.

This year, Opportunity Business Loans’ 2020 Vision For the Future scholarship asks program applicants this question:


What is your vision for your future business? What do you desire to give to your community and the world through your future business? How do you intend to execute your vision? 


Essay must:

  • Answer all parts of the question
  • Must be 800- 850 words in length (no shorter, no longer)
  • Must be written in English without spelling and grammar errors

All scholarship program applicants must be:

  • 18 years old or older
  • An undergraduate college student or graduate student 
  • Majoring in Business or a business-related field
  • Must be a future business owner
  • Must be currently enrolled in a college, community college, or university
  • GPA must be at least 2.5


The application due date is August 1st, 2020 with the winner announced on August 10th, 2020. Winner will be selected based on the quality of their essay. Winner will be notified through the email address utilized to turn in the application essay. Disbursement of the $500 scholarship award will be on August 30th, 2020, mailed in the form of a check to the student’s chosen mailing address. To submit your scholarship application, please send in your essay to: [email protected]


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